Weekly News

How to order on the website without continually getting sent back to the first page.


 Don't use the continue shopping button, instead use the go back arrow on your browser. 


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This Week's Specials


Oranges are only 3/kg this week

Cheap Class 2 Lemons are back in time for the winter sniffles. Only 2.50/kg 

Dutch onions only 1.80/kg

2kg paper bags of Wicklow organic potatoes only 4 euro


This Weeks News


All back to normal this week after last weeks snow.

Veg Box deliveries will be delivered on Thursday. Please have your orders in by 3.30 on Wednesday at the very latest, thanks!

Our Weekly Markets

Brighton Square,Rathgar, (Thursday 9.30 - 3.30)

Penders Yard Farmers Market in Stonybatter D7 (Sat 10-4) 

 Naomh Olaf GAA Club Farmers Market (Fri 9-1) 

Aughrim Town & Country Market (Saturday 10-2)

I'll be using Biobag and/or a shinier compostable bag for my leaf packing as of this week (11/3/19), I'm still exploring other options as well but that's the end of the plastic :)  Don't forget to return your empty boxes or crates. They get reused too!

Feedback on the bags welcome!!

New This Week.


 More of the yummy Autumn Royal grapes are coming  in again. We'll have more Torocco Blood Oranges, Pea's, French beans and asparagus  plus all the usual bits and pieces. Wicklow Brussels Sprouts are still available  this week!

Picked Tuesday, packed Wednesday and delivered Thursday.  Loads of really fresh local produce available now. Loose carrots, coloured carrots, spuds, kale, salad, red cabbage, white cabbage, suedes , beetroot and leeks  if you order the Wicklow box.

There's new gluten free vegan cheese available and also Tempeh which is a vegan meat substitute. Look in our vegan section.