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How to order on the website without continually getting sent back to the first page.


 Don't use the continue shopping button, instead use the go back arrow on your browser. 


This won't affect the 'cart' and will speed up to process :)

This Week's Specials


Mini watermelons only 2 euro each

Courgettes from Spain, only 1.50 for half a kilo and....                                                             Aubergines (Class 2, all shapes and sizes!) also only 1.80 for half a kilo. 



This Weeks News


The New Field....

has now been ploughed at last! A couple of runs with a rather large rotivator will be happening in the next few days then planting (albeit very late this year) begins.  We should have loads available once you come back from your summer hols! 


We'll be taking a break between the 9th July until the 15th of July. Our first family holiday in 10 years would you believe. So... there won't be any veg box deliveries or markets that week. Normal service will resume on the 16th of July until our next short break after Christmas. 

(Camping in Shropshire and North Devon in case you were wondering :) )

If and when you disappear off on hols this year yourselves please let me know so I can adjust what we're picking/ordering. Thanks!

Recent Changes to the website

As I'm sure a few of you have noticed the 'in conversion to organic' bit has seemingly gained prominence. I'm just following Dept of Agriculture regulations. 

Firstly, to explain what 'in conversion' means. 

A period of time must elapse between applying for an organic certification to be officially recognised as a grower Between applying and being accepted generally takes between one and two years.

 We follow strict organic standards as closely as possible using only seed, compost ,water no use of any chemical etc that all passes regulations. Hopefully full certification isn't too far away.

However,our veg boxes that might contain something grown here or in the greenhouse can't at the moment be labelled 'organic veg boxes' until our conversion period is over. All a bit complicated I know but it's still the same stuff in them.

There's a bit of paperwork to get over the final hurdle but I'm getting there.

As always though, No chemicals allowed!

Damien, down at Murphy's  butchers in Tinahely has kindly offered to help sell our produce. You can order through his shop, here on the website or just give me a call and we'll get it organised. Drop off day to the shop is Thursday.

If anyone would like to learn a bit on growing vegetables organically I'm always looking for a bit of help down at the greenhouse in Glenealy on Mondays and Tuesdays. There's lots to do and learn at this time of year! Organise it here.

I'll be using Biobag compostable bags for my leaf packing as of this week (11/3/19), I'm still exploring other options as well but that's the end of the plastic :)  Don't forget to return your empty boxes or crates. They get reused too!

Feedback on the biobags welcome!!

Our markets his week...

Penders Yard Farmers Market in Stonybatter D7 (Sat 10-4)  Naomh Olaf GAA Club Farmers Market (Fri 9-1) and Aughrim Town & Country Market (Saturday 10-2)

New This Week.


Nothing much new this week but plenty of the stuff below! It was a bank holiday in Holland on Monday so I had to order this weeks produce last Thursday. I love a bit of a guessing game, not! I'll have another order coming in on Thursday this week for the weekend's markets. Let chaos ensue! :)

Flat peaches, papaya and borlotti beans. And we'll have bunches of fresh onions from the greenhouse.

We will have more Cherries, mange tout and Egyptian potatoes. Dried figs are also back in stock, and quite a few prices are down a bit this week too.

Our first batch of summer lettuce is ready for cutting now as well. They'll be sold with the root and some soil on them (the roots are wrapped in a biobag) to keep them fresher for you. Just stick the roots in some water and the lettuce will probably last long enough to be used as a cut and come for a little while.

The Irish 'hunger gap' is now in full play. Those few weeks where almost all the winter stuff has run out and we're waiting patiently for the summer harvest to come.  We've still  Spring Onions and a  lot of salad and herbs from the greenhouse. Other stuff is coming on well but not ready for harvest yet.  Peas, broad beans, kohl rabi, lettuces, courgettes expected soon!

In the meantime a lot of European produce is keeping our taste buds lit. As well as last week's nectarines and apricots, we'll have a few trays of peaches and still loads of aubergines, red peppers and courgettes at very reasonable prices. They all go very well with spring onions and salad :)

The new card machine for market and phone payments has finally been set up.  More details to follow. I'll be trying it out this weekend so fingers crossed its a doddle.

We'll be staying till 4 at Stonybatter every Saturday till further notice.