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This Week's Specials


 Delcorf apples only 3.50/kg

2kg bags (paper!!) of local Orla organic potatoes, only 4 euro.



This Weeks News


The greenhouse project has ended and I'm now fully concentrating on developing our land up here in the hills. More to follow on that. 

Our own produce might be a bit limited for a few weeks, especially herbs as they've just been transplanted into one of our tunnels up here and will need a few weeks to re-establish themselves. Exciting times ahead though with the new field starting to look encouraging and the polytunnels at almost full capacity for the first time in a while!

The New Field....

is coming along nicely!

I'll be using Biobag compostable bags for my leaf packing as of this week (11/3/19), I'm still exploring other options as well but that's the end of the plastic :)  Don't forget to return your empty boxes or crates. They get reused too!

Feedback on the biobags welcome!!

Our markets his week...

Penders Yard Farmers Market in Stonybatter D7 (Sat 10-4)  Naomh Olaf GAA Club Farmers Market (Fri 9-1) and Aughrim Town & Country Market (Saturday 10-

New This Week.


 Lots of local Wicklow and Kildare produce is ready to eat and we can now offer 100% Irish  veg boxes again.

There's lots of pumpkins of various flavours coming in as well for those that have been asking.

We've also added 'Tartex' vegetarian pate to our range. Definitely worth a try!